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Pick your own Christmas tree

We have a range of varieties and sizes to choose from, 1ft Right up to 12ft. call in and see. You can always book your tree early and pick it up nearer Christmas.

OPENING TIMES -    Week days   @ 10am till 11.00am .


Wednesday - Friday 9.00am 11.00am

Saturday 22nd 10.30 till 12.00 noon

Sunday 23rd Closed

Other times by arrangement give me a ring.    07788 _ 767 154

It can be a bit muddy in the plantation so come prepared - bring your wellies! When you have made your choice we will cut it for you or dig it up with roots if it is a smaller tree. It can not be guaranteed that a Christmas Tree with roots will grow unless it is replanted in the ground straight away, the solution is to buy one already potted, have it, indoors for Christmas then plant it outside after the festive period. Nordmaniis in pots cost from 10.00 to 85.00   Open ground cut to order Christmas trees - Picea abies cost 25.00 any size

 Abies Nordmanii 6ft to12 ft cut to order 50.00 each. Price held for the last 10 years!  non-needle drop But like any cut flower or tree cut the base and stand in water. That's the tree not you!

The big advantage in buying direct from our Nursery is that the tree is FRESH, it is still growing when you look at it, should you decide against buying it, it will continue to grow. NO WASTE.   Christmas Trees are available to buy through the year in pots. All our open ground trees are ready for sale from October. So if you need a tree early we can help.

   Just phone. 07788 767 154





01271 _ 815269 07788_ 767 154