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Escallonia Rubra Hedging Plants

Remember, Escallonia Rubra should be planted 30 - 40cm apart and pruned into a pyramid shape /\ so the sun can reach all the leaves down to ground level keeping them green.

If your hedge has straight sides and a flat top, which most do, weeds and grass grow at the base and the top falls outwards with weight of snow in winter. Now your pyramid shape \/ is upside down, less light reaches the base, the situation gets worse the hedge is a mess! The only way to repair this is to cut off the best bits making a "Battered"  /\ "Pyramid" Shape again

Escallonia Rubra var. Macranth is the best evergreen Hedging and Screening plant for the South West of England (and around the World - as long as the temperature dose not drop below minus 7'C) as it copes with the sea winds and a well drained sandy soil. It can be cut and trimmed to any height from 45cm to a  maximum height of 3m. As with all good hedging plants it can be cut very hard into the old wood and it will shoot out with fresh growth. It has a dark bottle green foliage all year round and is covered in small rose red flowers in Summer and early Autumn. The flowers appear on the new (currant years) growth, so prune the last week of June (after flowering) New growth will flower again in September, and you can prune, trim up just before winter. We have hundreds of plants in 2 litre pots ready for planting now - come and see.
Prices 2 litre pot bushy plants 30-45cm tall are 7.50 each collected  Buy ten or more plants and the price drops to 7.00 a plant

If you have a long hedge to plant and need one hundred or more plants then please ring for availability and a better price 07788 767 154

 Planting Instructions for a Hedge:- Container grown plants can be planted all year round. The optimum time is from first rain in September right through till May the following year. You can plant in summer but you will have to water three times a week in hot weather! Prepare the area you wish to plant the hedge on by hand weeding or spraying with a weed killer, to clear any grass or weeds. Using a string to mark the position of the hedge then dig the first hole next to the line, break up the soil in the bottom of the hole add some horse manure or fertilizer and it dig in. Remove the pot from the plant and stand in the hole (that's the Escallonia not you!) measure 35cm and dig second hole putting this soil around the first plant and firming in. Continue till the job is complete and use the soil from the first hole around the last plant. Doing the job like this means you half the spade work, as you do not put the soil down only to pick it up again!  Water in. Watering - the best time is 7pm Plants stay wet all night.  Hedges should be trimmed with slightly sloping sides and wider at the base thus allowing the sunlight to reach the lower leave. Keep weed free for the next nine months by which time the hedge will have established and the shaded ground below the hedge makes it difficult for any new weeds to germinate. I hope this information has been use full to you, wherever you are in the world. Enjoy your gardening,

best regards  Stuart. Phone 07788767154


Escallonia Rubra var Macrantha

This picture shows young plants growing in the Summer of 2006 The 2021 stock looks much the same! Only Bigger at the same time       40cm 50cm ready now


As I have now retired we are CLOSED  To callers, But we still have some Stock! 

Phone    07788767154 / 01271 815269

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